Hero Legends Android Review +apk

Hero Legends

Role-playing games are a staple in gaming, creating immersive worlds for gamers to enjoy. Now with mobile apps, users can take those worlds with them to play when they please. Hero Legends by Fire-Point Interactive Inc, is coming to Google Play to excite and entertain gamers on the go. Here is …

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Prey Demo coming April 27th


as someone who as never played the original Prey game, the hype for the new game coming out has me very curious as to what it’s all about. With Bethesda rebooting the series, it seems more than fitting that I finally try out Prey.   Today Bethesda announced that a …

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Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC announced

Of the very few hours that I’ve played of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands there is one thing I know for sure: with new Ubisoft games comes new Ubisoft dlc. Big surprise here as almost all Ubisoft games have dlc of some sort. Of the very few hours that I’ve …

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Upcoming Xbox one games

upcoming xbox one games 2016 had plenty of great exclusives for Xbox One, and 2017 looks set to be yet another huge year for Microsoft. The Xbox One has a fairly impressive library of games already, and some pretty great exclusives in the book, including the likes of Forza Horizon …

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Upcoming PS4 Games 2017,2018

The PlayStation 4 is enjoying a brilliant start to 2017, with the impactful and unsettling Resident Evil 7 successfully rebooting Capcom’s faltering survival-horror series, and open-world robot-dinosaur adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn a surprise contender for, arguably, the best-exclusive PS4 game to date. Not to mention other great titles such as …

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